sabato 3 febbraio 2018


(old cover art)

(new cover art)


A Graphic Adventure
Gabriele Ciucchi

Set in 1987 in a tipical american town. You will play as a young guy, Gabriel Chunk. What is the mistery behind the Thrillgate? Eventually our hero will find himself caught in other dimensions... time travel? Who knows... Will he manage to find a way back to his world? And who controls the Thrillgate? Join our hero journey through reality and beyond, explore, talk, solve puzzles, help him to defeat the paranormal force of the Thrillgate!

soon available on Steam and


Please write to if you are interested working in my team: I search graphic artists, music composers, visionare studio expert programmers. I work as a ONE-MAN-DEV Indie Game Designer, but I'll be happy to welcome any new artist!

sabato 29 aprile 2017

Digital Paintings

Autoritratto (Self-Portrait) -2017-

lunedì 3 ottobre 2016

Red Special - iOS/OSX/Android app!

Realizzata tramite Kwik e Corona SDK, la mia prima app gratuita che potete scaricare da questo link
RED SPECIAL iOS-OSX-Android. La versione è compatibile con OSX Sierra e con l'ultimo iOS 10. Per installarla si può usare iTunes o meglio Xcode (si collega il telefono e si sceglie devices dal menu di Xcode e si aggiunge cliccando su +). Su Android basta spostare il file nel dispositivo e scegliere installa pacchetto. Su OSX trascinare l'app in applicazioni.

Made with Kwik plugin and Corona SDK, my first free app that you can download from this link RED SPECIAL iOS-OSX-Android. The version is compatible with OSX Sierra and with the last iOS 10. To install just use iTunes or better use Xcode (you plug in your mobile and choose devices form menu and click + to manually add the app). On Android mobiles just put the file into device and choose install. On OSX just drag the app into applications.